Friday, July 24, 2009

Heard in our house this week

Me: Maggie, how long have you been eating Nesquik from the container?
Maggie: A year or two.

Jay: What kind of vegetables do you want to take to speech?
Lainie: Pepper jelly

Katie: I think this outfit makes me look kind of hip hop. Do you think it makes me look hip-hop, Mommy? Do I look rock star-ish?
Me: yes, yes you do.

Maggie: Why are the shoes "freaking"?
Me: What?
Maggie: Why are the shoes "freaking"?
Me: What are you talking about?
Maggie: You said to get your freakin' shoes on and get in the car. Why are the shoes freaking?
Me: Because it was the tenth time I told you to do that, because Mommy had a bad morning, and because Mommy was wrong in sayong that.

Maggie: Daddy, Jackson is on the 20 dollar bill. That's Andrew Jackson, isn't it? He was our 7th president. He made a lot of people mad.

Me: Why did we schedule the garage sale during fair week?
Jay: Because we're idiots.

Katie, after seeing her reserve and grand champion awards for 4-H horticulture, junir division: I feel like a champion. It's a nice feeling.

Maggie, at getting reserve champion for her last-minute black-eyed susan entry: I got a ribbon -- AND IT'S PINK!

Natalie, mid-babble (but not yet duplicated): mommmmmm

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