Saturday, February 19, 2011

In other news... 4-H

Saturday, Katie and Maggie participated in their first club 4-H days. First off, wow. That was exhausting! Even with my MILs fabulous help, it was just too much confinement for the littlest ones. Next year, I think I'll line up a babysitter for Natalie and/or Lainie.

Then, Katie started the day on a rough note, literally. She sat down to play her piano solo and misplaced her hands on "the big big piano." She even said she thought it sounded differently because our piano is out of tune. DOH! But, I was very proud of her. She played it a second time, flawlessly that time, and did not freak out or cry. Red ribbon.

Next up was Katie's demonstration on how to make a rag doll. She again made us very proud, talking about what she wanted to talk about, going through the actions. Only complaint is that she was awfully quiet. She is proud, too, of her first demonstration and blue ribbon to show for it.

Katie AND Maggie were both involved with their club's model meeting, which resulted in another blue. Kudos to the club leaders (adult and youth) for their pre-day organization and preparation.

And lastly but never forgotten, Maggie had her show and share. Basically, she stood up and explained how she made her painted jewelry box. She earned a participation ribbon -- no judging for such a young age group -- and she had fun. Fun, as in the signature Saturday-Night-Fever motion FUN!... the exact way she said it in her presentation, too. As I described to another mom from our club, Maggie IS my rainbow.

To make it a full 4-H weekend, we have our club meeting tomorrow and Katie and Maggie are scheduled for their program talks. Thankfully, they can just repeat their presentations from today, so it should be a breeze and they get more practice talking in front of people. Each time they do, it'll get easier and easier.

Who knew my girls needed practice talking!

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