Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Overheard on a snow day

From Katie

"The long-haired cats are shunning Lily because she doesn't have as good a coat as them."

"Should I go help daddy bring in wood? Do I HAVE to go help daddy bring in wood? Can't I just watch from here and be supportive?"

"You're going down to the ground like a rock in the river, missie Mommy!" to me during a Wii battle.

From Maggie:

"You're not nursing home old; you're just not school-young." to me, more age trash-talking

"Lainie and I are fairies, but Katie is just evil..."

"Lainie, you are being a horrible student. You are NOT listening to me!" while playing school



"We're going on a bear hunt..."

"I am a big. Natalie likes to stay a baby."

"No, Natalie! No, Natalie! No, Natalie!"


"My baby!"

"My necklace!"

"My turn!"

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