Friday, February 4, 2011

On the docket

I have a crazy couple weeks ahead of me. I would almost say this will be the hardest part of the semester, but I'm guessing time will prove me wrong on that one.

On Monday, we have the fourth and final test for our Med-Surg class.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have a.m. clinicals in Beloit, leave at pre-crack-of-dawn.
On Tuesday, I'll get back to Clay Center just in time to pick up Lainie and take her to speech, and won't get home around 6:30.
On Wednesday, the girls have activities that'll keep me running until at least 7. I'm hoping to go to bed around then, except...
On Thursday, we have our Med-Surg ATI. It's like a final for the class, except it's a standardized test. Must pass with 80% or higher or you're out.
And the following Monday, I am taking the test that'll be the deciding factor on if I get to go to RN school next year.

So, no Super Bowl for me. I will be spending Sunday afternoon and evening studying my tail off. Why not Saturday? Because Saturday is my mommy day and Jay's garden day. Because my girls and I are going to run errands and prepare 4-H stuff and clean house and do laundry and hopefully paint nails and all that stuff. Because when I told Natalie that tomorrow was a Mommy Day, she clapped her hands and laughed for joy.

At least I hope it was joy. Maybe she was just cogitating her next evil plan.

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