Friday, July 1, 2011

Cleaning 101

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then why does cleaning with kids bring out the worst in me? Overheard in our house during today’s cleaning sweep:

“Why in the world is there duct tape and Jenga in this bag?”

“Maggie, quit reading.”

“Katie, it’s cleaning; not interior decorating.”

“Mo-ooom, Natalie messed up my stuff again!”

“Maggie, quit reading.”

“Mom, can you help me?”

“Look, Mommy! I made the beds ALL by myself!”

“Huh. I wondered where that went.”

“It’s no fair! She has less to do than me!”

“It’s no fair! I got all the hardest jobs!”

“I do it! I do it!”

But three hours later, our list is done enough to head to the pool. The jury is still out as to whether it’s easier to just do the work myself, or fight the fight to teach the girls how to clean. Someday it’ll pay off, right?


Jay Sleichter said...

The Jenga and Duct tape was from me. We used them with plastic spoons to make catapults with Marshmallows at school. Sorry!

Hammond Happening's! said...

GO MOMMY GO YOU CAN DO IT! DEEP BREATHE DEEP BREATHE, that's the cheer I do in my head as I am battling the I will win over my children even when I am tired, frustrated and mad. You know they are younger they have much more energy! :) Good job Linda keep up the good work you will see those rewards, someday! Jericho :)