Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quotes from the weekend

From Katie, while watching people fan themselves in a hot movie theatre (the a/c was broken): "I think those people must all be from the city."

From Lainie, singing her version of the K-State fight song: "Fight for K-State Wildcats. For all the mothers, fight! Fight! Fight!"

From Maggie: "What do you think I should be when I grow up? I think I'd like to design shoes."

And one more from Katie: "When I grow up, I think I'll be an astronaut. And then I'll become President of the United States, because I'll be famous from being an astronaut. Then, after that, I'll design clothes. Because, who wouldn't want to buy clothes from an astronaut president."

From Lainie, making up a song in Target: "Diapers and jelly beans, diapers and jelly beans, crackers and new shirts and diapers and jelly beans."

Last but not least, from Natalie, on the way home: "Is dat God's moon?"

Yes, Natalie. Yes, it is. 

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