Friday, September 13, 2013

Emotional night, Great town

The girls and I went to the high school football game tonight, thinking it would be fun...and it was. But I had no idea it would be so emotional.

The game festivities started with a  tribute to a would-have-been sophomore who died this past summer. His sister is in Katie's class. The entire football stadium gave them a standing ovation. Just watching his parents walk across that field, knowing what they must still be going through, oh, how I hurt for them.

Also before the game, a bunch of parents and fans came in on their motorcycles to make an impressive entrance for the football team. Among them, a parent fighting a quiet, determined fight against cancer...whose son was one of them running past. 

Behind the stadium was a little table set up, selling "Luke is Tiger Tough" bracelets. Luke is in Lainie's grade and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. And the little guy made it to the game, was there to watch the football team come out at halftime. Again, the town is supporting them, the only way we know how.

And, in a more joyous turn, watching our dear friend get recognized for a cross country victory last week, knowing she's a senior, knowing time is flying way to fast, knowing she'll be not so close next year this time.

Add to that learning this week that a friend of ours passed away a month ago. Twelve years ago, we spent at least one night a week with him, playing cards, philosophizing like only ignorant twenty-somethings can, but had completely lost contact. The time apart doesn't make the grieving any easier.

It was just many reminders to hug your family and friends, love them, hold them while you can, and each day to pray in thanks for the the day given and to pray for another one to enjoy with them.

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