Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Feet

We were planning to run a 10k on Saturday at Piotique but downgraded aka chickened out and ran a 2 mile. But it was a great race, fun time, good route. Still, we need to set another goal. Or two.

New shoes. New goals.

So, we know we will do the fun 5K Color Run planned in Clay Center in early November. 

There is also a donut run in Manhappiness that is calling my name!

But maybe the K-State Homecoming Race? It was fun last time I ran it:

Rock Springs Turkey Trot? But that's a 5K and I'm looking for a 10K.

Or maybe the Turkey Trot in Wichita. It's a 10K and it'd be some family time, too.

Scheduling the races to fit in our busy schedule is hard enough. Finding adequate time to train before the races is nearly impossible. But I feel better, have more energy, and am happier when I can hit the road.

And as we all know, if mama is happier, everyone is happier. 

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