Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mother of the year

Please take note of these events when filling out my mother of the year application for 2013.

Yes, I did in fact tell Maggie to suck it up and stop being lazy at the style revue and county fair, only to later realize she had whooping cough.

And I did tell Katie to suck it up and push a little harder at her cross country meet, only to find out she has bronchitis and asthma flare-up.

And I did get annoyed at John's extra fussing last night, only to realize he probably has thrush this morning.

And I almost told Jay "is it really THAT bad?" when he stepped on something last night...but I learned my lesson and silently pulled the 1/3 inch shard of glass out of his foot.

Yep. Miss Compassionate here. Or maybe that is missed Compassion.

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Tara said...

My BFF and I, who both work fields that require a great deal of compassion, have both noticed that we seem to have much more of a "suck it up" attitude to our own loved ones. So, you are not alone! I feel that learning to hold my tongue (and judgment) is definitely one of the things I am supposed to learn in this life. Thanks for all the lessons, right? ;)