Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This is our current med list for our kids. I had to write it out; it's getting too complicated.

John, Katie, And Maggie are fighting the residual effects of pertussis including chronic cough, asthma flare ups, and colds that turn into respiratory schtuff.

Lainie's med is just for her epilepsy, so wonderfully controlled by our favorite med, Trileptal. Already starting the prayers for next summer, when they are going to once again try to wean her off the med and see how long she can go seizure-free.

Even our tough girl Natalie got knocked down with this latest virus, with a nasty headache for four days and cough to match. But today the fire is back in her eyes and she is being Tigger-like all over the county.

No wonder I feel like I am giving report when I talk to Jay.

No wonder I decided to become a nurse.

But I do prefer my patients NOT be my family.

p.s. and I do realize how very lucky we are. All these are just gnats compared to what others deal with on a daily basis. I'm just saying, like gnats, they are annoying and I wish they would go away.

P.p.s. you are looking at $290 a month in meds. Last year at this time, we were spending $500 a month on just two meds. It's all about perspective. And my perspective says generics rock.

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