Monday, January 26, 2009

Productive weekend

So, of the list below, here's what we got DONE:
  • Make Big Sis shirts with the girls
  • Take down the toddler bed in baby's room
  • Put up a different wall quilt in baby's room
  • Rearrange baby's room (Jay!)
  • Wash the baby bedding/sheets
  • Take as many naps as possible
  • Read up on the Bradley Method and other good birth stories
  • AND, a haircut for mommy
We also decorated the house for Valentine's Day and I started our taxes.

Then, with such poor sleep this weekend, I spent the rest of Sunday questioned my ability to wait for 30 more days. I guess if my labors with pitocin were more extreme, if they were bad experiences, I'd be more able to wait for labor. But, with my doc going out of town the week I'm due, with his offer to induce, and knowing how much more convenient it'd be for Jay, the girls, my mom, if I had a scheduled labor, it's going to be hard to wait. I know if I can hold off until the 15th -- when doc leaves town -- then I will wait until the 23rd (41 weeks). I guess from that standpoint, I just have to say no-to-pitocin for 20 more days...that sounds a little more manageable.

All this is under two assumptions: that I will not go into labor on my own, ever, and that I won't go into labor on my own before my due date. Those are two assumptions I feel strongly are more fact than fiction.


Tara said...

Gotta say (lovingly) that I am not a believer in the phrase "I'll never go into labor on my own, ever." Everyone will go into labor eventually! It just depends on the willingness/ability to wait for it... ;)

Hang in there, you are doing great and your body is growing the perfect babe in the perfect time!

Linda S said...

I know -- eventually it would happen. But with both Jay's mom and my mom having c-sections at 44 weeks, I'm just not willing to go that long. You are a stronger woman (and much more patient!) than I! :)