Thursday, January 22, 2009

You are my sunshine

How can you stay angry or sad when you have this face to look at.

Wednesday morning, Lainie was better. I could tell by her eyes, the moment she woke up, that she felt better. I could exhale. I could get a better perspective. And I could relax, because now I'm assuming that she'll at least show me she's sick or feeling bad before she throws a seizure. That's my assumption and I'm sticking to it.

I also apologized for getting mad at God. The saying goes, God's will be done, but He takes requests. I requested, I asked, but this time, I was told no. And like an insolent, ungrateful child, I threw a tantrum. A few days of perspective later, and I can see all the times He said yes and that my kids were okay, and I can see that Lainie really is okay right now, so I should stop my tantrum and just say thank you.

Today, we took advantage of the beautiful unseasonable weather and played outside. The girls had a blast swinging, sliding, and climbing on our play sets. It was so refreshing to breath the clear air, hear their giggles, and watch them run in circles. Even writing it now, I feel more relaxed. We all needed that.

I needed that.

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