Monday, December 14, 2009

Five random thoughts for today

  1. No matter how much you've slept the past week, 3 hours is not enough sleep to get through a day.
  2. Why is that a child can pee all the time while potty training, but when you stick a urine sample cup in the same room, nothing. nada. zip. TWO HOURS waiting for a teeny tiny bit of urine from Miss Lainie, just to get an "inconclusive" result. Doc thinks she either has a UTI or Strep, but both tests looked fine and were sent off for the 24 hour culture.
  3. What is the magic of Dora the Explorer, and how can we bottle it? How is that a child who doesn't like to speak in public and who is intelligible maybe 20 percent of the time, answers Dora's every question with robust clarity?
  4. Why does chili always need cinnamon rolls with it? Or is it just my family that feels that way? Too bad we can't have them. It's not fair to put cinnamon rolls on the table and then tell Maggie, no, you can't have them, remember?
  5. If you ever need to make sugar-free cookies, don't use the Splenda recipe on their Web site. I'm guessing that "4 cups of flour" is a typo and should read "3 cups". Maggie still loved her guilt-free, eczema-free, tummy-problem-free cookies.

1 comment:

Tara said...

It never occurs to us to have cinnamon rolls with chili but now that you mention it, that sounds perfect... I think they always served them together in elementary school!