Sunday, December 13, 2009

Switching focus

I got to focus on getting me better for about 5 days. The girls decided that was long enough. Katie broke out in hives today, and Lainie surprised us with a 102.7 fever. I was planning to take off work tomorrow for one more day of rest; that's still the plan, but I'll have at least one little buddy with me on the basement couches.

Onto brighter news, I am officially a student again. I am enrolled in two online classes at CCCC, with one more pending, and one evening class at MATC. I'm also pre-enrolled at NCKTC for the fall semester, and need to schedule my NET exam time. WOW. And I thought ag had a lot of acronyms! :) I had all the forms and lists and course numbers and financial aid ready and waiting for the official "benign" report. And now, full-speed ahead! I am just so excited!

I hope the excitement can carry me through the next few months of studying. It'll be toughest between now and March. That will be the only time I'll be working full-time and going to school full-time. Also, my face-to-face class is done in March; the online classes will be easier on our family. I can even start working on one of the classes now, which means I could get one done over Christmas break, before the face-to-face class even starts.

Did I mention I'm excited!

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Tara said...

Sorry about the sick girls, but yay about the school stuff! What degree are you working on?