Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bi-monthly post

I'm a pathetic blogger, I admit it. But, really, there is so much going on that I don't have time to maintain everything, and this is the lowest priority. Even now, I should be studying and instead I'm blogging.

There's lots new to share!

First, I'm a CNA. I got my certificate in the mail on Saturday. I've started my LPN classes. It's going to be a tough year, but it's only for 31 weeks. I have a LOT to learn but am really impressed with my teachers. We are all adjusting to the new lifestyle, the 5-days-a-week of daycare, the stricter budgeting. It will be worth it. I hope it is worth it.

K & M started school last week and are both doing fine. They are excited about their teachers, their classes, and all the new "now that I'm bigger" things they get to do. Lainie starts preschool on Wednesday and speech on Thursday, and is a little put-out that it's taken so long for her turn.

Somehow, Jay is still managing to go to two markets a week, while teaching his 5 preps and assist with the grade school math. He's had to pick up a lot of the duties I had to let go. The most complicated is getting Lainie to speech once a week. But, we're making do. One week down, 31 to go.

Sadie the puppy has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made. She is a great little dog, soon to be a big dog. Already, she can sit and fetch. When we hollar "BABY!" she lays down flat, like a bear rug. That command is in direct reference to her future size; bull mastiffs are not small dogs. She's gained weight nicely, barks only when necessary, and is a sweet pup. 

What else is going on? Well, go to to read about the garden, or go to to see what's been cooking.

And so, don't be surprised if it takes two more weeks before I post again. We're fine; just insanely busy.

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