Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To-Do Lists

Years from now, I will wonder how we accomplished everything that we did and still live to tell about it. For prosperity's sake, here is my to-do list for Monday through Wednesday:
  1. Start roast for supper
  2. Mail Grill-Off publicity for grant
  3. Submit salsa competition expenses for grant
  4. Pick up pork from meat locker
  5. Pick up freezer cups for sand plum and elderberry juice
  6. Reserve Piotique booth
  7. Pay property taxes (early!)
  8. Call HealthWave to check status of app
  9. Call to fix billing error
  10. Check credit card transactions for any other errors
  11. Sort 5 bags of sandplums
  12. Process (boil, mash, juice sandplums)
  13. Chop peppers, onions, and pork for frozen fajita-in-a-bag mixes
  14. Call NCKTC to check scholarships
  15. Deposit Katie's check from the fair
  16. Sort elderberrires
  17. Monday 2:15 pediatrician appointment
  18. Pick up contacts from eye doc
  19. Outside play with girls
  20. Set up auto bill pay on new bank account
  21. Check on life insurance policy status
  22. Laundry
  23. Exercise puppy
  24. Deliver squash and tomatoes
  25. Make elderberry juice
  26. Pick green beans
  27. Check girls' vaccination records
  28. Ask S. to babysit girls
  29. Write an 1,100 word article
  30. Edit an 1,800 word article
  31. Judge a Canadian Web site contest
  32. Call girls' schools
  33. Visit girls' schools
  34. Check class rosters for K&M
  35. More laundry
  36. Clean kitchen
  37. Load for Manhattan Farmers Market
  38. Call Extension office about 4-H
  39. Work on puzzle with girls
  40. Drive to and set up for Manhattan market
  41. Get girls ready for first day of school on Thursday
  42. Contact N about carpooling next week 
  43. Paint everyone's toe nails... well, except Jay
  44. Wednesday 10:45 doctor appointment
And, apparently, update blog!


Ann said...

I would offer to help with something but I think the only thing I could do would be to paint the toe nails and I would even do Jay's!!!:-)

Loretta said...

OMG!!!! I don't even know you and I'm in shock. Did you really get all this done? I'm intrigued to see how you do it. I just moved to KS and hope to start a small farm near KC, I"m not sure I could do that. Have your read the book Radical Homemaker? You should be in the book!!
Thanks for the inspiration.