Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ten Bits of Randomness

  1. I took my CNA test yesterday and was thankful for the advice, "when in doubt, chose 'ask a nurse'." Results in 3-4 weeks.
  2. Lainie broke out in hives yesterday, quite suddenly. At one point, she was one huge welt from her head to below her waist. Doc says treat with Benadryl. The Benadryl wore off last night, so she woke up with her eye swollen shut and her nose twice it's normal size, and a headache. I'm hoping this ends soon. Oh, and she has swimmers ear in both ears.
  3. Natalie proved her toughness. Her cranky, evil ways are probably due to swimmers ear and tonsilitis. After just one dose of antibiotic, she was already cheerier. I heard the first laugh in two weeks from her.
  4. It's 10:30ish and all four kids are sleeping. Probably doesn't bode well for our plans to go to the rodeo tonight.
  5. I made watermelon rind pickles two nights ago. They are just sitting on the counter, calling my name. But, alas, I will wait until after the dentist appointment.
  6. The Clay Center Farmers Market is sponsoring a salsa competition on Saturday. They are sponsoring it, I'm coordinating it. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!
  7. The garden is starting to slow down but Jay's still pulling in double the income from last summer. We don't know why but we are grateful!
  8. I took the girls shopping yesterday to get school supplies, restock socks and undies, and use a huge pile of coupons for Target. I ended up saving $93, $50 of which is a gift card I received for doing a health assessment for my insurance company. That's probably the most I've saved using coupons and discounts, ever.
  9. I think I'm ready for school, supply-wise. I have 3 scrub pants, 2 scrub tops, a lab jacket, and a couple shirts to wear under the scrubs. I also have a stethescope, thanks to my going away gift from my co-workers. And, I bought a medical dictionary yesterday. I would like/need one more scrub top, but then should be set. This is getting real, fast.
  10. I am off to the dentist, and then the grocery store. Man, these girls go through the food! But, thanks to the garden and the meat in the fridge, I'm still feeding our family of 6 for about $75 per week. I will get it down to $60 or less, once they are in school. I can only imagine how expensive it will be when they reach the teen years. Lordy, I'd better go to school and get a higher paying job, or something. :)

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