Monday, March 7, 2011


L's better, much better. I can let her sleep in her own bed tonight and not worry. She kept her medicine down last night, no more fever, ate toast and waffles today, and is feisty enough to fight bedtime tonight. Three good signs in my book.

I'm not trying to be over-dramatic. I know there are others out there who deal with a lot worse on a daily basis. Lainie's health just happens to be my ultimate fear, my test of faith. Some days my faith is overcome by my fear. She makes me really mean those words when we say the Goodnight Prayer and Angel of God prayer. Some nights, it's more a plead than a prayer. And every night, it is a "thank you", knowing how close we were to not having this adorable little girl to worry about.

The rest of the family didn't skate by this round, though. Katie, Natalie, and Jay all came down with some version of the illness, all a milder version (at this point). Maggie and I apparently are too ornery to get sick. Or, maybe it was the cutie oranges and Sunny D we were downing Saturday and Sunday, and the "wash hands until they are cracked and bleeding" routine. Or, I froze the germs off me during a 5-mile run early Sunday morning. Either way, I'm grateful.

So, now we return to our regularly scheduled program. Homework awaits.

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