Saturday, March 19, 2011

St Patty's Day Race 2011

Before the race
I ran a race today and really struggled to not cry through most of it. I wasn't in pain, I felt great physically, but I kept tearing up from what happened 20 minutes before the race.

Katie ran her first 2 mile in 22:27.

Katie at the finish line
She had never ran the full two miles before. She'd run about a mile, then walk, then run, then walk, etc. I was hoping she'd finish in 30 minutes, so at 22 minutes, I was stretching near the finish line. I heard her call "MOMMY!" as she ran past. I looked at the timing clock, and literally started to cry. Apparently little miss ran the entire race! I'm so proud of her! She's so proud of herself. Or, she was proud of her time. She's disappointed that she got 13th place for her age bracket, when only the top 10 get a ribbon or medal.


She is so my daughter. I also ran today, my first 10K. I was hoping to finish under 65 minutes, but realistically was aiming for less than 75 minutes. Even in the rain, wind and cold temps, I finished it in 58:39, beating my expectations considerably. I give big credit to my in-race couch, Chuck, Andrea's dad, who kept me on pace the first four miles and then told me to "go after it." But, just like my Katie, I too was a little disappointed in my 37th place finish for my age bracket. I guess we'll see what my time looks like in two weeks, when I run the Abilene race.

(Why do I have my hands in my pockets while I'm running? Because I'm about to take off my jacket to give to Jay, at the 4-mile mark. But this is proof you CAN smile and run at the same time.)

But how can you stay disappointed with cheerleaders like these:
Mags and Dad, looking like thugs
My girls and I, post race

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