Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Sibling Sweetness

Maggie (to Lainie): You are NOT the boss of ME!
Lainie: Am too.
Maggie: You are NOT the BOSS of ME, Bossiest Bossy!
Lainie: I am TOO the Boss. You are only FIVE!
Maggie: I am NOT five, I am seven!
Lainie: Oh. Well, then. Here you go. (giving up whatever toy started the fight.)
And peaceful playful bliss returned!


Today we were in the basement when Jay calmly announced, "Building C is airborne." Building C is one of our high tunnels, and the east side was in fact taking off, like a big, giant, expensive kite. Jay took off running, and I followed, pausing just long enough to say, "Maggie, you're in charge. Watch your sisters."

And so, while I held onto the east side of the building and Jay reattached and re-secured what the crazy Kansas winds had undone, Maggie was in charge, babysitting of sorts.

I was more than a little anxious when I returned to the basement, but my anxiety immediately changed to amazement. Maggie had Lainie in the chair next to her and Natalie on her lap, and the three of them were peacefully playing on www.starfall.com.  "I'm teaching them how to read," Maggie said. Proceed! Proud moment indeed!

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