Friday, March 25, 2011

Lainie Update

We had Lainie's appointment with her neurologist this week in Kansas City, and were very happy with the results. He is happy with the progress that she's made, and we are still planning to do a repeat EEG this summer. If the EEG does not show any irregular activity, then she'll wean off her anti-seizure medication. That's the hope, since the medicine has the potential for some serious side effects and any time we can stop medication, we will. But, if she need it, if the EEG is still abnormal, then she'll stay on the medication and be thankful for our safety net.

I realize more and more I am getting frustrated with the stuff she doesn't know or doesn't remember or won't tell us. I wish I knew how much to push her, how much to let it go, how much to force her out of her comfort zone, how much to protect her. Then again, that wish is not limited to Lainie. That wish goes for all my girls. That is probably the knowledge wished for by all mothers for all time. How can we be the best moms for our children, let them be babies, let them be kids, but help them grow up strong and independent?

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