Thursday, March 24, 2011


In twenty years, Katie and Natalie will sit down and realize how very, very different their childhoods were. I know it's bad when I can see it already.

For instance, Katie, Maggie, and Lainie were all out of the crib at or near their second birthday, mostly because a little sister was on the way and the crib needed to be vacated. Natalie loves to lay down on the big bed, but I just don't want to mess with it. She goes to bed so easy now and I'm afraid it would be too much to try to get her to stay in a toddler bed when I'm trying to cram for a test or finish a homework assignment. And so, she's still in the crib, at least until this summer.

On the flip side, in some ways she is growing up faster than her sisters. Tonight, Natalie was outside with a small bucket of potatoes, helping plant 10 short rows before the rain came. With her older sisters, I would have worried about it being too cold or too late or too hard or of course she can't do it! Now, we treat her the same as her sisters, or else she lets us know her displeasure, in a very loud, vocal way.

I think some differences in upbringing are okay, like freedom on the playground and extra babying now and then. But when it comes to rights-of-passage, like when you get your ears pierced or when you have your first sleepover or permission to date, I'm adamant that they all reach those milestones at the same age.

Then again, maybe I better write that one in pencil. Ask me again in 15 years.

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