Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Awesome full weekend

Let's review the past week

Wednesday-Maggie's last day of school
Thursday-Lainie's last day of school
Friday-Katie's last day of school
Saturday-Farmers Market, get ready for...
Sunday-Natalie's baptism, Katie and Maggie went home with my parents for a few days (for the first time!), then out in Aggieville with awesome college friends
Monday-headed to Salina to buy a new dishwasher YAY!
Tuesday-headed to Wichita and back to get Katie and Maggie

Now it's Wednesday and I'm at work. And exhausted. Gee, I wonder why? In addition to the crazy schedule, Natalie also has had a hard time sleeping, which means I'm sleep deprived. Last night, I took advantage of Jay's relaxed schedule for today and asked him to take care of her at 1:30, after she was fed and changed but not sleeping. Now, I feel guilty because I've dragged him into my sleep-deprivation-club.

Adding to the guilt is the fact that I'm letting him run into the lion's den, so to speak. He scheduled Maggie's follow-up doctor appt for the latest ear infection, and he scheduled it for today. At 1:30. So, not only is he taking the girls to the doctor, which he rarely does. He's also taking all 4 with him solo, which he's never done. AND, he's doing it at naptime. Pray for the poor boy.

The funny thing about being surrounded by teachers is that, when summer comes, you feel like the ONLY person who has to show up at work. (Katie and Maggie were indignant that I left for work this morning..."but MOMMY, it's summer!?!") But, as my mom so kindly reminded me today, I need to remember that just because he's not heading into an office job, doesn't mean he isn't working. In fact, he's working a thousand times harder. And, I am grateful.

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