Friday, May 15, 2009

Laughingly crazy

Our household is just funny, some days.

Maggie can't hear. Her ears are infected and are clogged enough that you have to talk loudly, one step below yelling, for her to hear.

Lainie, of course, can't talk, at least not very clearly. And, she's refusing to do sign language, out of toddler stubbornness.

Now just imagine the conversations the two of them are having with each other. Lots of "huh?" and "what?"

Natalie's tummy has been upset, so she's having some nasty blow-outs. Typical, but not fun.

And then Katie, who was the only one NOT to worry about, got BIT today at the bus stop. Apparently a 4th grade girl was getting picked on by other kids, and took it out on Katie.

What can you do, but laugh. Well, not laugh at Katie's situation -- it's being dealt with. But at the big picture of the insanity of our family...just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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