Monday, May 4, 2009

Katie's big day

Friday afternoon, Katie's class ran a mile with the area seventh graders, as part of a bigger project to promote positive additions and discourage/prevent drug and alcohol abuse. She loved the training, the special one-on-one time with Stephanie. But, the race was fan-tab-u-lous for her. She came in 15th, she said, and "beat a lot of the boys." She said she had a funny, tingly, happy feeling in her tummy when she finished. In other words, she experienced her first runners-high and adrenaline rush. That night, she begged to go for a run with me, so after Natalie ate, she and I ran/walked another mile. I'm hoping that we'll be able to do more of that, because not only was it fun, but she runs about the same pace I do! And besides, it's special Katie-only time, and I'll take all of that I can squeeze in.

And, on a more self-centered note, that was the first time I've ran since Natalie was born. I was scared to, afraid of what would happen with the prolapse. But, everything was fine and dandy and I felt great! I love that I can not run for, oh, 8 months and then, first time out, jog a mile pretty easily. Now I have no excuse -- it's time to get those running shoes dirty. :)

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