Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to normal

It feels good, but exhausting, to get back to normal. I was so relieved yesterday when we had outfits selected for the girls for the week and all the laundry put away. Granted, that's nearly all I achieved this weekend, but it did get done. Today, it's back to school, daycare, dance, and 4-H. I'm already feeling wore out, so I hope I make it the entire day.

We did achieve one other thing, thanks to Daddy Jay. We got the pumpkins carved. Lainie and Natalie got pumpkins from Browndale Farm from a field trip, and Grandpa Ron sent three huge pumpkins up for our benefit. Here's the result:

And one last hurray for the week: Natalie is pulling herself to stand. She's even starting to cruise a little. It blows my mind, for two reasons: she months ahead of her sisters' developmental schedule and she's so stinkin' short! But yet, she's on the move, ready or not!

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