Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which to write about

There's so much going on, it's impossible to know WHAT to write about. Should I tell you that Natalie is crawling, sitting and now pulling herself up to a stand...all within a week? Should I mention I decided not to take the second job, after much consideration and sole searching? After all, if I had been working this past weekend, I would have missed the crawling and the sitting. Should I go on and on about Lainie's ability but refusal to talk, especially at preschool, and the insinuations that there is more wrong with her than just her speech delay? How about Maggie bringing how the hair-bound creepy crawlies and my disgust and instinctive scalp-scratching? Or that Jay's garden is getting to a manageable state now and we are seeing more of him every night? Or Katie's run-in with mean girls today and the struggle I had to be a Christian in my thoughts and actions and in the words I used with her?

I heard or read this week about a parent trying to spend just 15 minutes a day playing with his child. I thought it was a great idea and attempted to instigate it. It doesn't sound like much, but it is tough for me to do, especially with four girls craving attention. I walked past the 3 laundry baskets of clean clothes needing folded, ignored the dishwasher of clean dishes and the few stragglers in the sink that needed washed, stepped over the toys that needed put away and pick up Natalie for her one-on-one time. Well, my timing sucked. Natalie spent most of her 15 minutes fussing and wanting to be left alone. After I put her to sleep, I rolled out the Twister mat. I thought, "I'm a great mother! We'll play, build lifelong bonds, teach good sportsmanship and how to follow rules, AND work with Lainie on her color recognition." Instead, it was 20 minutes of craziness, laughing, tackling, and absolutely no rules, ending with one mommy tackled and tickled by my three girls. That was the best 20 minutes of my week, probably my month. I thought the 15 minutes of play were for the benefit of the kids; I was wrong. I highly recommend it!

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