Friday, October 23, 2009

Flu, round 1, done?

I think we've got the flu nipped in the bud, and hope we have the secondary infections covered, too.

In the end, Maggie and Jay didn't get it at all...or not enough to keep them down. They were a little tired, maybe, but that's it.

Katie -- who got Tamiflu on day 2 -- recovered by day 4 with no problems. The rest of us didn't get Tamiflu, because Lainie and Natalie's pediatrican's office was against giving it and, when I called our family doctor's office, they said they weren't giving it either. I'm just glad Katie got it and it worked for her.

Natalie has a nasty cough that I was afraid was turning into bronchitis or pneumonia, but her lungs are still clear. She does have an ear infection and started antibiotic for that. Hopefully that antibiotic will cover/prevent any other infections from setting it.

I ended up with self-diagnosed bronchitis. After you've had bronchitis 6 or 7 times, you know what it sounds like, tastes like, feels like. I also happened to have a z-pack (zithromax) from a convenient mistake earlier this summer when I was sent home with two instead of one. I started the z-pack on Wednesday and feel a lot better today. Still tired, out of breath, and need tylenol every 4 hours...but better. Functioning.

Lainie got hit the worst. Big surprise, eh? She ended up with pneumonia in her left lung, the same one that collapsed when she was intubated. She's doing a lot better, wanting to play, happy, laughing, barely coughing. She's out of breath from walking up or down the stairs, and the stridor is still there at night, but her fever is gone and she's just going to need a couple weeks to kick the rest of the infection.

So, today the girls are going to daycare for an hour or so, so i can go to Lainie's parent-teacher conference this morning. Then, we'll come home and rest, and I'll try to do an hour or two of work for work. (I've been gone from the office for two weeks now- YIKES!) But mostly, we are going to take it easy, try to rest and recoup, so that we can all be healthy again.

And I can be terrified of the next round of flu out there.

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