Friday, February 6, 2009

3 days of labor, 2 days off

Isn't it ironic that my labor pattern matches my work pattern? After 3 days of contractions, getting down to less than 10 minutes apart and a couple minutes long each, they stopped Wednesday night. Thursday morning was really depressing, and I was irritable, to say the least. But, thanks to a friend taking care of Maggie in the afternoon, enabling Lainie and I to take a 3 hour nap, I felt decent. Then, tylenol before bed and a lot less pain through the night, I woke up feeling rested today, ready to handle not only today but also another couple weeks of this. It is amazing how some decent rest can change your perspective.

Maggie's been acting out the last day and a half or so, and we think that she's feeling left out. With Lainie getting the attention for her illnesses and Katie getting privleges like 4-H and slumber parties, guess who's getting left out. Tomorrow night, we're having a princess party, which I hope will help. Although Katie and Lainie will enjoy it, I'm going to make it focused for Maggie. We're planning to watch Cinderella and have a fancy meal, complete with a (plastic) tea party set and Princess Parfaits (aka fruit, sugar-free whipped topping, and low-sugar cake -- gotta follow Maggie's dietary restrictions!). I hope it helps.

Since she doesn't ever complain outright and we have to read her eyes to know when she's upset, it breaks my heart when she IS upset. Katie is upset daily (think 'cry-wolf'), so we just deal with her drama, try to pick the important ones, and downplay the day-to-day annoyances. Maggie rarely gets upset, so when she does, it becomes a priority for me to try to help. She's the middle child of two middle children, so I think that changes how we deal with her, too. Here's hoping a princess party will help a little.

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