Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nesting, cramping

I spent yesterday nesting. I didn't think I was really that bad, until Jay pointed out that I was a bit overboard. I got out the clorox wipes, swifter duster, and oil rags and scrubbed anything left to scrub in the baby's room. Even the crib got dusted and disinfected. Then I just kept going -- oiling the old church pew in our foyer, oiling the woodwork in the foyer, setting the playpen/bassinet in the basement and disinfecting it with the clorox wipes, and finishing the last laundry necessary pre-baby. I still don't know if you'd call it nesting, or maybe it's just getting ready for the baby. Then, we went to a birthday party lunch, took long naps, and went to the park.

Today, I'm cramping and swollen, both new to me. The swelling is limited to my face, and isn't probably noticeable to everyone, but it's noticeable to me. And the cramping could be contractions. I've never had contractions that felt like this, but it does feel like menstrual cramps. Hopefully that means we're making more progress and getting closer. I'm trying to be patient, to prepare for another 2 weeks of this. My will is weakening, though, with every sleepless night and pain-filled day.

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