Monday, February 16, 2009

What a way to start the day

This morning I woke up about 3 a.m. soaking wet. It took me 5 minutes to decide whether I had peed myself, my water broke, or I burned off my cold with a fever. It was the third. But, really, what funny choices!

My last doctor's appointment is this afternoon. We have the induction scheduled for next Monday. I'm feeling good and can handle another week, thanks to my self-imposed 9 p.m. bedtime plus naps.

I know there is still a chance I could start labor on my own this week; I just don't picture it happening. I wonder what is stuck in my left pelvis -- a shoulder? elbow? head?

I cannot believe I've made it 40 weeks in a pregnancy with no serious complications. I've never done that. It's literally stunning to me. I must be doing okay now, because between the comments of when is the baby due and are you hoping for a boy, I've been getting a lot of "you look really good for full-term, like you feel great." Well, I do. Feel great, that is.

Going back to the "is this one a boy" comment, we've come up with our tag-team response. Jay says that, mathematically speaking, the statistical likelihood is that this is a boy. Then I respond, and biologically speaking, the statistical likelihood is another girl. Either way, we are geeks. Either way, we'll find out by next Monday. YAY!

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