Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for the record

Since I'll forget to write this anywhere else and some day my girls might wonder...

As I near the end of this pregnancy, I have no appetite. I've been eating, because I should, not because I want to. And I'm eating small portions, because anything half of what I would have ate a month ago, results in major heartburn. And, I'm eating healthy stuff, like fruit and pastas and lots of water and milk.

I'm 42.5 inches in diameter. We'll have to compare that to 2 months from now.

My hips hurt horribly, especially at night. They just can't handle the weight, the relaxin.

I'm entering the chewed-up-hose phase, where everything leaks.

*knock on wood* I am not having any headaches, my skin is the best it's been in months, and I'm not swollen.

But I am irritable. Maybe even grouchy. Definitely hormonal. How bad is directly correlated to how much rest I got last night.

And it will all be worth it.

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