Monday, January 17, 2011

Keep Stacking

I think Jay and I would kick some serious tail at a Jenga tournament. After all, we are champions at stacking one thing on top of another in a precarious position, just barely maintaining some semblance of balance.

It seems Mr. Slick needs 4 credit hours by next December in order to renew his teaching license. (It's a state rule; to renew for the next 5 years, he must have at least 4 credit hours.) The good news is, we are planning ahead. We know that growing season plus teaching plus classes for Jay will be too much. So, he found a course that meets all his criteria:
  1. Is online delivery
  2. Focuses on Math
  3. Focuses on Technology
  4. Doesn't cost a fortune
  5. Meets his renewal requirements
  6. Is done before the garden kicks in high gear
And so, from January 24 to February 13, Jay will be taking a 3-hour graduate-level teaching course, parenting, working full-time, starting a few thousand seedlings, and finishing the new high tunnel, while I am going to school full-time and parenting ...

Suddenly, I look like the slacker.

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