Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second verse different than the first, please

When I get worried or scared, I tend to get angry. And, Natalie is really starting to make me mad.

When Maggie was 2, she started getting sicker. She would get one ear infection or upper respiratory infection after another, getting better as long as she was on antibiotics. But as soon as the meds wore off, she'd get sick again. And then, her body was too stressed and she threw a seizure. It was diagnosed as a febrile seizure, but in hindsight, with a fever of just 99, according to Lainie's neurologist, it wasn't febrile.

And if you know our family, you know Lainie's story. Her first seizure was also after 3 months of continuous illness, nothing major but just many consecutive illnesses. She too would get better with meds and get sick again as soon as the meds were out of her systems. Her fever was also 99 when the first seizure hit, but all her seizures were synced with illnesses.

Now, Natalie has been sick since Thankgiving. She gets better with antibiotic but once it wears off, she gets sick again. Last night, she spiked a 103 fever with no other apparent symptoms. She was twitchy but no seizure, thankfully.

I'm trying to be faithful, to put it in God's hands. I am really listening as I say "Thy will be done" but I hope he takes requests. I'm not even worried about a seizure and not even requesting no seizure; my request is for no damaging or life-threatening seizures. Please don't hurt my baby... that's not too much to ask, is it?

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