Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bed bound and down

27 weeks gestation
Gravida 7 Para 5
Contractions started
Procardia on board

I am frustrated. Grouchy. Hate the unknown -- will these stop? will I get to be up and about in the next few days? weeks? Will these contractions start making change, because at the point, we all get a lot more serious.

Is baby tolerating the squeezing and drugs? I know last week his/her heart rate increased 20 bpm and stayed there. I know the movements aren't quite as dramatic as before, but s/he's also running out of room to do that full flips. Still getting kicked aplenty.

I hate the helplessness. Our girls have been great, go-fer-ing all sorts of stuff. They made breakfast yesterday, and brownies in the afternoon. Right before all this kicked up, we had cleaned the house top to bottom, nesting I called it. We even got the laundry put away. Now, my requests to them are mostly just trying to keep the house picked up, maintained. Lainie's learned how to do to the dryer; Natalie is great at picking up and at unloading parts of the dishwasher. Maggie and Katie both now know how to load the washer and dishwasher.

Jay is of course a prince. He's gone grocery shopping, getting girls where they need to be, and not freaking at the longer term situation.

On the bright side, I do have disability insurance that may pay me my salary while I'm down...maybe. I'm still hoping I can get back to work and won't have to worry about that. We'll see what the week brings.

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