Saturday, December 15, 2012

Settled in

Months without posting, and now look! Well, what can I say -- I need somewhere to chronicle this, for Baby Jalapeno.

I'm settled in for the day, with my dear college roomie on the way with Amigos and conversation. Kids and Jay are away. I have my cell phone, a laptop, the remote, and a 32 oz drink. Thanks to facebook and texting, I even have a resident expert preemie-mama veteran just within reach. Not only is she helping guide me through this process and make sure all preventative steps are taken, she's also showed me how faith can carry you through the scariest of times. (Thanks, Mandy!)

Contractions have settled down, post procardia dose for the morning. I have never taken a med that I could so clearly see the effect. About 20-30 minutes after the dose, the contractions get weaker, if not more infrequent. Of course, I get weaker too, but that's worth it and only temporary.

I've still got this touch of optimism that says we're going to snuggle in here for the duration and deliver in March. I've also got a strong dose of reality that says, don't count on it. But, at least January seems much more attainable than it did a week ago.

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Mandy Gramkow said...

You are too sweet. You are doing great mama! So glad you are buying more time for that sweet baby!