Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good report today

Doc appointment today went well, as in no news is good news. Baby looks good, growing right on schedule. I feel better, contractions are weaker, and the strict bedrest and drugs seem to be doing the trick. Emotionally, I'm less pouty than I was on Sunday.  It isn't about me; it's about the baby. If this works, then I can suck it up.

Wow- even as I wrote that, I had to laugh. I just told Jay Monday night that this is frustrating because normally if I don't feel well, I can just suck it up and get over it. I can't suck it up on this one, because it's not my health that's the problem -- it's the baby's health and long-term well-being. But, as I wrote that, I realized I DO have to suck it up, emotionally. No whining. Find ways to be entertained. Get over your own problems.

And really, do you have any idea how blessed we are? A college roomie and BFF drove 2 hours to bring me movies and just sit with me for 7 hours, just to talk. This friend taking kids to church, another taking them to religion, another making sure they get home and get to activities. My little bro bringing me lunch or drinks or running errands for us; he even went grocery shopping for us Monday. (That's a big accomplishment for my handicapped brother.) Family and friends bringing us meals, and mom driving up for two days just to transport Natalie and drive me to-from my doctor appointment. And then there are the online well-wishes and running advice from experienced moms and nurses and all the many prayers. Yes, we are blessed.

Thank you, everyone. Sincerely. Things have stabilized, we are doing better, we'll be okay.

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