Saturday, January 5, 2013

A long couple days

I hurt. I don't want to eat. I'm more irritated than usual; think how a mama cat acts when she is weaning her kittens. Contractions are lower and strong at times. I refuse to time them all - I'd go insane - so when I have an exceptionally strong one, I watch the clock, relieved when four minutes have passed.. I am sticking to the couch, thanks to the big ouch I get when I stand.

It's been a rough two days. But Jay made baby jalapeƱo and I promise no labor until after today's farmers market. I'm glad babe is already listening to his/her father.

I missed Katie's performance at the basketball game but, thanks to our friends, she had quite the cheering section and I got a great recording of it. That girl gets so nervous about screwing up but loves to dance. And I love to watch her, to see her hard work pay off, to see her genuine smile when it is done.

Today, with me giving directions from a bed, Magsy (as she is requesting I call her) and Lainie-bug(also her requested nickname for the day) got out the newborn carseat and wiped it down with a Clorox wipe, got out the crib set, sorted out all our 0-3 month clothes, and found my vacuum-sealed bag of baby blankets and quilts. One step closer to being ready for another little one. Lainie did point out to me numerous times that "it's still one- two- three months 'til March, when the baby will come." We can hope!

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