Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worst is past?

Lainie and Natalie played all day, with not a cough, sneeze, or fever all day. And although Jay feels like a truck ran over him, he has gotten better as the day goes on. And, we were able to get preventative meds for the rest of the household. Contractions are intensified tonight but still under control. Optimism returns.

And so, onto happier things.

Natalie gives me so many quotable quotes and today was no exception. My favorite was when she asked why I was in the bath. I told her it was to make my tummy stop hurting. She asked, does the water make Baby JalapeƱo happy? I said, yes, that's probably it. She answered, "He must be thirsty. He is getting water to drink from your belly button."

Miss Nat has been practicing her letters. Maggie will write out a word or name and Natalie will try to copy it. Then, it's our job to figure out what she wrote. Apple, Natalie are pretty easy; x-ray gets a little tougher to read. But I am proud of her practicing and Maggie for helping her.

And the there is Katie, who has fixed supper, made sure laundry and our dog are taken care of, and even put her little sisters to bed when Jay and I just couldn't physically do it. She amazes me. Maggie has worked hard herself, especially doing dishes and helping her sisters get dressed or cleaned up. She still complains, verbally with gusto, but she does the work eventually. Thanks to our bigs, friends, and my brother, we made it through Flu 2013.

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