Thursday, January 3, 2013

31 weeks

We made it to 31 weeks today. Less than a week 'til we get to take another sneak peek at the baby. I am assuming at 37 weeks, at the latest, I'll be off bedrest. That means just 6 more weeks. That sure sounds a lot more attainable than 11 weeks sounded when this all started. And in 3 more weeks, we'd be able to deliver closer, hopefully, and avoid the NICU all together.

This baby is a strong one. His/her kicks are so forceful, it literally makes me jump involuntarily. The girls are all excited to feel the movements, giggling when they get kicked themselves. If nothing else, I'd say this little one had Jay's strength.

 I trust God will carry us through tough times, but sometimes when things get overwhelming, I forget to ask for help. It always amazes me how, when I actually pray for help, when I let go and let God, the worries peel away like the skin of an onion. Like an onion, the core of this problem still stinks a bit, but at least the problem isn't as big as it was before.

So, I'll do my best to continue to pray, to put it in God's loving hands, and keep my tail on the couch as much as I can tolerate.

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Jina said...

You look great! Love the shirt. Congratulations on 31 weeks!