Sunday, January 6, 2013

Making it purdy

One benefit of a house full of girls:  they like to make things pretty.

Katie was excited to paint my toes, although I had to stammer around to avoid explaining why I wanted my toes so pretty. She kept asking, "But WHY is anyone going to see your toes!"  She painted them blue, then put "silver French tips" on, as she explained.

Then, I was kind of tired of looking at the same wall. After 35 days, I needed some new wall art. The girls were more than happy to comply. You see, if mama is housebound, the girls are more housebound than usual. Yes, they go to school and religion and all that. But, come weekends, they are either here or where ever Daddy Jay needs to be. So, making art for my wall is a win-win: it gave them something to do, and it is already cheering me up.
Lainie's pictures are on the right. One is about Rapunzel, a princess locked in a tower. Natalie's pictures are in the middle, a more abstract rainbow motif.

Katie added a quote from one of our favorite books, Mama Moon
Maggie said her picture is of a cheerleader and a mama's arms growing bigger, like in the book.

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