Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rough start

I think I'm still processing his rough entrance to the world. Of all the scenarios I pictured, this is not one of them.
But, just a week later, he's amazingly fine:
Look how blonde his hair is! And I'd bet his eyes will be that deep brown, just like three of his sisters. He's even (finally) giving us some stretches between feedings and not needing held all the time. Of course, my mama guilt may have brought some of that on. I felt so bad at the pain he must have had at birth that I didn't want to cause him any discomfort now. And, the only soothing I knew was to feed or hold.

But he's shown us he wants some time to stretch out, and rewarded me with two and three hours between feedings. He still cluster feeds, but not around the clock.

He may have forgotten his entrance into the world. His daddy and I have not.

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