Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sleep = better

John and I had a slumber party yesterday. We stayed in bed almost all day, and when he slept, I slept. The result? Five hours of daytime sleep.

I felt empowered enough to give him a bath, do a batch of laundry, and eat lunch. We even went to our church's catfish fry, where he calmly slept through the hour meal and I got to eat and socialize.

Then, for dessert, he stretched his nighttime feelings out to eating 15 of every 90 minutes instead of 30 of every 60 minutes. Big improvement to me, although Jay's response of "ya, a freakin' vacation" showed he wasn't as enthusiastic. :)

Physically, I still don't know whether to do more or do less to feel better. I am hurting more this morning, but I haven't taken my big pain killers since Thursday night. For now, I am resting while he rests, and have big plans for an afternoon nap.

Sorry- no new pictures until I brave the stairs to the basement and my desktop.

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