Monday, March 18, 2013

Two weeks old

It's amazing the difference a week makes, along with an antibiotic and some sleep.

We are getting 2, 3, and sometimes 4 hour sleep stretches.

Little man has fuller cheeks, milk on his chin, is all healed up, and has lots of baby dreams. On our scale, he is back to his birthweight now. His hair is very blonde, with almost white eyebrows. His eyes are a dark blue, making me think they will turn brown.

I am doing well, feeling functional, able to lift his car seat now, which will come in quite handy with the divide and conquer travel our family will be doing this week.

Sisters have all adjusted. Katie loves her power to put him to sleep, while M, L , and N just like holding him until he cries. No one is volunteering to change poopy diapers, though.

I had another first today; well, two actually. I had a follow up appointment for my c-section and everything checked out. Then, we went shopping in the boys section, to find an Easter/Baptism outfit for John. I don't understand all those moms who say there are no cute clothes for boys. I think they are adorable! And so is my little Gus-Gus.

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