Saturday, March 9, 2013

What I learned last week

Last week, I learns lots of unique facts, possibly share worthy.

I learned Come Sail Away by STYX and Sugarland's Fall Into Me are fabulous labor songs.

If you are planning to work through labor, it helps to dress the part. I really felt empowered wearing my yoga pants and running shoes to the hospital.

C-sections cause gas in your abdomen, which can cause pain in your right shoulder. And, if you burp like Charlie and his grandpa in the bubble room on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the pain goes away.

It is essential to trust your doctor or midwife.

It is also essential to like and trust your nurse. Thank you, Lindsey, for all you did for this delivery. And Beth for the past four deliveries. And Miranda, for tolerating all my office calls the past three months.

Prayer can get you through some incredible pain, emotional and physical, and through strong fear.

It is best to have no expectations.

Just because it is your sixth delivery, that doesn't mean the baby will fit.

And, my husband is an amazing labor coach and knows how to adapt to whatever our crazy kiddos throw at us.

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